An Introduction To Emacs

Happy Halloween! I’ve got a scary presentation for you about a GNU Free Software program called Emacs.  On the surface Emacs is a text editing program, but it’s really way more than just a text editor.  It’s more like an operating system with over 10,000 builting in functions and hundreds of add-on programs that give […]

An Introduction To Twine

I’ve got a special presentation for you about a GNU Free Software program called Twine.  If you want to create a game, , a presentation, or an educational website then you should check out Twine.  As soon as I learned about Twine I downloaded it and created the following presentation and didn’t even have to […]

Upgrading Your Operating System Can Be Painful Unless You Use GNU/Linux

Have you ever been forced to update your operating system? If you’re running Windows 10 it happens regularly. In this espisode I show you the painful process of upgrading my Windows 10 system compared to how easy it us to update my GNU/Linux system. What’s an Ogg Cast? It’s like a podcast but most podcasts […]

Welcome To A GNU Way Of Thinking Ogg Cast

This is the first episode of A GNU Way Of Thinking. I’m fairly new to GNU/Linux and FREE Software. This Oggcast will document my journey of learning and switching from proprietary software to FREE Software. I’ll be teaching my listeners how to follow my lead and start using GNU/Linux and GNU FREE Software. What’s an […]

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