An Introduction To Emacs

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Happy Halloween! I’ve got a scary presentation for you about a GNU Free Software program called Emacs.  On the surface Emacs is a text editing program, but it’s really way more than just a text editor.  It’s more like an operating system with over 10,000 builting in functions and hundreds of add-on programs that give you additional functionality.  One of the reasons it’s been around for 47 years is it’s extensibility.  If it doesn’t do what you want you can customize it with ELisp and make it do whatever you want.

Emacs is a complex program because of it’s massive amout of capabilities but it’s elegant design is what makes it so very powerful. If you like to tinker and tweak Emacs is for you. If you like learning constantly Emacs is for you.

Best of all it’s FREE Software and no one can stop you from using it to do whatever you want do with it.

I hope you enjoy the presentation and as always feel free to contant me if you have any questions.

Tell me about your Emacs experience below in the comments.

Download the .ogg audio file for this episode

Download the .webm video file for this episode

I hope you enjoy and learn a GNU way of thinking take steps to run and teach others about GNU Free Software.

By Wayne Wallace – Free Software Hacktivist

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