An Introduction To Twine

I’ve got a special presentation for you about a GNU Free Software program called Twine.  If you want to create a game, , a presentation, or an educational website then you should check out Twine.  As soon as I learned about Twine I downloaded it and created the following presentation and didn’t even have to read a manual or learn anything new.  Twine has to be one of the easiest programs I’ve ever used.  Literally, anyone can create a game, presentation or educational website using Twine.  Best of all it’s licensed under the GNU Pulic License which means it’s FREE Software which respects your priviacy and rights. I hope you enjoy the presentation and as always feel free to contant me if you have any questions.

Download the .ogg audio file for this episode

Download the .webm video file for this episode

I hope you enjoy and learn a GNU way of thinking take steps to run and teach others about GNU Free Software.

By Wayne Wallace – Free Software Hacktivist

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