Upgrading Your Operating System Can Be Painful Unless You Use GNU/Linux

Episode 2 - Updating Your Operating System Title Page

Have you ever been forced to update your operating system? If you’re running Windows 10 it happens regularly. In this espisode I show you the painful process of upgrading my Windows 10 system compared to how easy it us to update my GNU/Linux system.

What’s an Ogg Cast? It’s like a podcast but most podcasts use the .mp3 file format. Oggcasts use the .ogg file format which is an free open file format. As you will learn we try and use free and open software and formats in the GNU way of thinking.

Download the .ogg audio file for this episode

Download the .webm video file for this episode

I hope you enjoy and learn a GNU way of thinking take steps to run and teach others about GNU Free Software.

By Wayne Wallace – Free Software Hacktivist

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